Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Toy

While I miss my Momma a looooot, I've come to realise that living with my grandparents isn't that bad. They take me for walks and let me sleep on the bed. Alright, they don't exactly allow me to sleep on the bed per say. I kind of sneak up there when they're gone for my afternoon nap, but they don't yell at me for it either.

I get to play in our backyard with Arwen and Rosie and even if we play in mud outside and bring it inside I don't get in trouble. And they don't mind that I do my business on the concrete patio out back instead of in the grass when it rains. 

The greatest thing is that they buy me new toys every once in a while. Today, I got a new rope toy. You all know how much I like to play rope now. Yep! My grandparents aren't that bad at all.  
Me with my new orange and black rope toy.
Me tuggin' on my new rope toy.
Love and Lab Kisses,

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