Monday, November 7, 2011

A Lesson Hard Learned

My grandfather teaches at the University in town. He teaches computers and stuff like that. He helps my Momma engrave names into her leashes and even found a way to get my Career Change tag on my new collar...eventually.

Well, he was marking some papers with a few highlighters. He looked a little weary after the first batch and went off for a little while. I, being the good grandpuppy that I am, wanted to help. So, I took the highlighters and tried to mark a few of the papers for him. Unfortunately the only way for me to get the caps off was with my mouth and by the time they were off...well, let's just say I might have had a little lot of trouble getting those caps off.

So, what did I learn? Don't eat highlighters. *tummy groan* Your tummy will not thank you for eating them. This is the email my granddad had to send to his students.

"There is one thing I forgot to mention when explaining the scoring of the instruction manual assignment. Some of you have colored highlighting marks (red, orange and yellow) on your papers. After I had marked a few papers, I started marking some of the papers with the highlighters. I did a dozen or so before my daughter's 19 month-old black Labrador puppy found two of the markers on a table and chewed them into several pieces, hence putting an end to the color marking. (red for bad, orange for not as bad,  yellow for good or noted emphasis) There is nothing especially bad or good about your paper if it has colored marks. Having the colors on your paper simply means your work was being scored while the markers were intact."
Love and Lab Kisses,

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