Sunday, August 28, 2011

Left Alone

You won't believe what happened yesterday! Momma left really early in the morning and didn't get home until real late at night...and she DIDN'T TAKE ME!

That's right! She left me home alone all day long! Alright, I wasn't alone. Arwen and Rosie and Momma's parents were home with me, but still! She didn't take me. Then she came home smelling like a bunch of other dogs. I was so worried that she found a new dog to love and take care of, but she's being with me all day today so I'm pretty sure that that's not what happened. But one of the smells I smelled smelled a lot like one of the dog smells on my bed!

She told me that I had to get use to being with my "grandparents" because she's going to her Advanced Training! What!? No one told me that I wouldn't be going WITH my momma. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when she's gone. She says that she'll be back, but still! Do you think I could fit inside her suitcase?

Love and Lab Kisses,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Laying on the Couch

Hilly here! I'm just laying on the couch with Momma. I've gotta tell you, I really like laying on the couch but sometimes it's really hard work. You gotta know when it's ok to jump up on the couch and when it's not. Like last night.

Last night Momma had some of her friends over for a party. I really liked having everyone come over especially now that I'm a "career changed" puppy. I got so excited because everyone was petting me and telling me what a good girl I was and how great it was that I could just be a pet now. They were letting me jump and lick and sniff and run around and they all thought this was really cute. So, I decided that I would do something really, really cute. There were three people on the couch and I thought they would like a little BLAB to lay on all three of them at once. Sounds reasonable and really cute right? Well, Momma didn't think so. She told me that it wasn't polite to get up on people's laps without asking permission first. I don't quite understand this because she thought it was adorable when I climbed into her lap yesterday before the party. Needless to say the party meant that the Hilly couldn't get up on the couch last night. I had to sleep on the rug near the back door. *humph*

Momma also didn't seem to like it when I jumped up on the couch right onto her laptop. The laptop is ok, but Momma and I had a talk. She said that I had to find an empty spot on the couch before I jump up.

There are so many rules to this couch! I didn't think that being a pet would mean that there would be so many rules, but it does. But I'm learning and trying really hard to be a good pet. It's a hard job ya know. It gets easier when I can cuddle with Momma on the couch while watching TV.
Me sitting on the couch with my giant rope toy. I like taking my toys up here to chew and play with them.
Love and Lab Kisses,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Dog Park Experience

Yesterday I said that I loved the dog park even though I had never been there. Well, Momma took me and Arwen and Rosie this morning! Let me tell you, I do LOVE the dog park. I was in doggie heaven. There were so many doggie pals to play with and I tried to play with every single one of them. There were doodles and goldens and other labs and an Australian Shepherd that was really silly.

We had such a great time! We're all so tired so I think I'm just going to leave you guys with some pictures while I continue my nap.   
Me with my tongue hanging out standing next to Arwen.
Rosie and I go and sniff and explore the dog park.
Rosie and me in a dog pile!
My tongue was hanging out so long because I ran and ran and ran.
Rosie and I go say to another doodle.
Love and Lab Kisses,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Post and 17 Months

Hey Guys! My Momma let me start this blog so that all of my blogger friends can keep up to date with what's going on with me. For those of you who don't know me yet, let me introduce myself.

My name is Hilly, I'm a black lab, and I'm not really your average dog. I started my life as a Guide Dog Puppy in Training for Guide Dogs for the Blind. I started off with my first Momma and then came to my current home to finish up my training. You see, I really like other dogs and my first Momma needed a little help to get me past that issue. So Guide Dogs sent me to my new Momma because she is experienced in dogs like me. Well, two weeks ago Jim, Jim's the big boss man for us puppies in training, came to take a look at me. He was really, really impressed with how far I had come along since he first saw me. He was all set to send me in for my advanced training when he asked my Momma the "million dollar question." He asked how I was around dogs I didn't know all that good. Well...I'm not perfect around them. I just wanna play so bad that sometimes I whine in hopes that Momma will let me go sniff and say hello (she never does though). It was decided right then and there that I would be dropped from the program. So, now, I'm what my Momma calls "her Career Changed."

I'm a "Career Change" because now I've got another really important job. I'm my Momma's forever girl. This means I have to do a lot of hard things. It's not easy being a pet. She also says that when she's done with her advanced training (she calls it University) that she'll certify me as a Therapy Dog! That means I'd get to go lay around with people and be loved on all the time. That sounds like a pretty good job to me!

Anyway, Momma wanted me to do a 17 Month post. She says it's "a send off from your training life and into your pet life." Whatever that means. I guess it's because she normally wouldn't have me for very long so she counts her time with her puppies in training by month. So, this is my 17 Things at 17 Months post.

17 Things I'm Loving about the Career Change Life

1. Sleeping on the Bed. I like to cuddle with Momma.
2. Playing with Balls. Seriously guys, these things are the best!
3. Flavoured Nylabones. I love my regular ones, but these are so great!
4. Filled Marrow Bones. I though that regular sterilized marrow bone were great until I tried these!
5. Peanut Butter. Might have gotten over my dog issue had they used this stuff.
6. Getting up on the Furniture. I can get away from Rosie and keep my toys all to myself this way.
7. Tricks! I love performing my new tricks. They're so much fun and I get food for them.
8. The Almighty Clicker. Every time the Clicker God clicks my Momma is trained to give me food.
9. Playing out in the yard alone. Ok, Momma still checks up on me a little, but she's doing in less and less.
10. My Hedgehog. My Momma bought me a stuffed hedgehog and I love it. I couldn't have it when I was in training because it was stuffed and it squeaks. Now I love walking around the house squeaking my hedgehog.
11. Cheese. This stuff is almost as good as peanut butter.
12. Sniffing! My Momma wouldn't let me sniff stuff when we were out on walks before. Now I get to sniff everything!
13. Jumping. I'm a hopper and Momma wouldn't let me hop around other people before.
14. Jogging. This is so much fun. I don't know why they never let me do this before.
15. Fetch. This is the most funnest game ever!
16. Not having to walk across the hot parking lot. I loved working. Don't get me wrong. But the nice cool grass in the backyard and the air conditioned house sounds pretty good to me.
17. The Dog Park. I haven't been yet, but we're going tomorrow. And it's called the DOG park. How can that not be fun!?

Love and Lab Kisses,