Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baseball (and Update)

When I was a puppy in training I absolutely loved going to baseball games. As my Momma says, I excel in large crowds of people. I guess I just think it is important to stay focused and behaved in a crowd so that I do not get stepped on or run my momma into anything. Of course, now that I do not have to I do go a little crazy when I see another dog in the crowd.

This particular outing happened after Momma had already left back for her Formal Training. She was so sad that she could not come with all of us, but she did have to move houses so she had to leave. Well, I got to go to baseball again!

Me at the baseball game in all my purple gear with my good friend Marley in the background

Me at the baseball game with Mary
My puppy group had an outing where all of the puppies in training and some career changes got together with a few other groups and their puppies and career changes at the local baseball stadium. And then guess what we got to do. We got to walk the bases before the game started! It was so much fun and Momma is so jealous of us. My granddad walked me around and then we went back to our seats. I was told that I did really, really good that night by a lot of people. It is nice to know that even though I chose not become a Guide Dog that I can still behave well when I need to. I think my people like that as well.

That was really the last really big outing of the summer. I do have another few pictures to post up of when I visited my "grandma", but those are for another day. For now a small update.

My other "grandma" goes to work every Monday now and I always get to go with her. Otherwise I pout and my "granddad" and other "grandma" do not like it when I pout. It tends to end up with one pair less of their reading glasses...anyway, when I go to work I am one happy pup. And I am really good at my job too! My other "grandma" made a little joke and said that my job consisted of finding the most awkward sleeping positions between the printer and desk. Little does she know that the printer would not work were it not for my holding the proper cables in place. It is a pretty tough job, but I somepup has to do it.

My "granddad" also recently had surgery on his tummy. I do not really understand what happened or why. All I know is that I am not allowed to sit on his lap anymore. At least until he heals a little more. I also cannot jump up on him anymore until he heals completely. I am trying to wait patiently, but it is so hard. Momma laughed at me and said that I had become such a lap dog, but when you are the right size why not take advantage of it?

I guess that is really all that has happened since I last posted. I am just being a good girl and waiting to see Momma again.

Love and Lab Kisses,