Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not Long Now

Momma comes home in just nine more days!!!! I've been getting ready for her visit. I got my yearly check up at Dr. Ramona's and I'm planning on getting myself and Arwen and Rosie to the groomers before she gets here so we can all smell and feel pretty. I don't like smelling like a flower, but for Momma I'll do anything! She's told me that she has some presents for Arwen, Rosie, and myself, but we'll only get them if we've all been good. Arwen doesn't have to try to be good, she just is, but Rosie and I have been trying extra hard not to get into any trouble.

Momma's been giving me a heads up of what we're going to do while she's here. First, my niece FIENNA is coming to visit for an hour or two a few days after Momma gets back. I've been told that I have to be on my best behaviour when Fienna is over.

After that Momma is going away for the weekend! I wasn't too happy that she was going to be gone so soon after she got back, but she said that she had to visit someone since they couldn't be home this summer. She did promise to bring me back something from...Philadelphia I think she called it. I bet you anything she is going to bring me back some cream cheese!

After she gets back there is a puppy meeting, but she says I can't go. *sad puppy dog eyes* I guess it's at the bowling alley and I gave up my access privileges when I decided to not become a Guide Dog but still! I wish I could go...maybe I'll talk to Auntie Mary.

Then we are going to visit my other grandparents in Los Angeles. Momma says that there are two new friends for me to play with now! A poodle named BOO and a kitty cat named CURLEY. *happy puppy ears* I'm so excited, but Momma says that Boo probably won't want to play as much as Curley wants to, but maybe my girlish charm will get him to play.

Then the next weekend is Fun Day. Now, I'm not allowed at Fun Day anymore since they ask for Career Changes to stay at home (something about it being a really big event). But she said that I will have a puppy friend for the Thursday evening before she leaves for the weekend. I don't know much about this friend, but Momma says that she and I will probably get along really well!

I don't know when, but she also says that my first Mommy is probably going to come and visit! I'll get to show her all of my new tricks and maybe go and play at the park with her. It'll be super fun if she comes to visit and I hope they can work it out!

We might also go camping! Or to the beach! So much to do in such little time!

Mostly though, Momma says that we'll be taking early morning walks, hanging out at home and in pet friendly institutions, going to the dog park (at least every other day she says!), and doing some training. I'm pretty excited about getting to strut my stuff as a Pet Ambassador this summer!