Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baseball (and Update)

When I was a puppy in training I absolutely loved going to baseball games. As my Momma says, I excel in large crowds of people. I guess I just think it is important to stay focused and behaved in a crowd so that I do not get stepped on or run my momma into anything. Of course, now that I do not have to I do go a little crazy when I see another dog in the crowd.

This particular outing happened after Momma had already left back for her Formal Training. She was so sad that she could not come with all of us, but she did have to move houses so she had to leave. Well, I got to go to baseball again!

Me at the baseball game in all my purple gear with my good friend Marley in the background

Me at the baseball game with Mary
My puppy group had an outing where all of the puppies in training and some career changes got together with a few other groups and their puppies and career changes at the local baseball stadium. And then guess what we got to do. We got to walk the bases before the game started! It was so much fun and Momma is so jealous of us. My granddad walked me around and then we went back to our seats. I was told that I did really, really good that night by a lot of people. It is nice to know that even though I chose not become a Guide Dog that I can still behave well when I need to. I think my people like that as well.

That was really the last really big outing of the summer. I do have another few pictures to post up of when I visited my "grandma", but those are for another day. For now a small update.

My other "grandma" goes to work every Monday now and I always get to go with her. Otherwise I pout and my "granddad" and other "grandma" do not like it when I pout. It tends to end up with one pair less of their reading glasses...anyway, when I go to work I am one happy pup. And I am really good at my job too! My other "grandma" made a little joke and said that my job consisted of finding the most awkward sleeping positions between the printer and desk. Little does she know that the printer would not work were it not for my holding the proper cables in place. It is a pretty tough job, but I somepup has to do it.

My "granddad" also recently had surgery on his tummy. I do not really understand what happened or why. All I know is that I am not allowed to sit on his lap anymore. At least until he heals a little more. I also cannot jump up on him anymore until he heals completely. I am trying to wait patiently, but it is so hard. Momma laughed at me and said that I had become such a lap dog, but when you are the right size why not take advantage of it?

I guess that is really all that has happened since I last posted. I am just being a good girl and waiting to see Momma again.

Love and Lab Kisses,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shaver Lake

About a week before Momma left she and I went to Shaver Lake. It's this lake up in the foothills that was created as a dam or something like that. I think it's still used like a dam or whatever it originally was built for, but it's also used for swimming and boating and all sorts of water fun. So, Momma and I went up with some of her friends so that we could all escape the heat of our hometown.

When we got there, it was so nice and cool that we thought it would be a good idea to sit down and have our picnic lunch. Everyone was so impressed with how I didn't beg for their sandwich meat and Momma had to explain that it was all apart of the training I had a Guide Dog Puppy. I wasn't allowed to have treats from any who wasn't holding onto my leash nor wash I allowed to jump up onto counters to eat the people food up there. I fact, I wasn't allowed any people food. I'm still not really. Momma says that I would get a tummy ach. Anyway, I was a super good girl while they sat and ate there lunch and was rewarded with some cheese and carrots that Momma brought for me.

Then people wanted to go swimming. I tried really hard to vote against this plan, but I was out numbered. Lucky for me, Momma and her friend Austin also didn't want to go swimming. So, while everyone else was renting a kayak (a funny looking, little boat) and swimming, we walked along the shore. There was the really, really big rock that we had to climb to get around the shore. Momma stood there for a while trying to figure out where she could go up with me and I got really bored of just waiting. So, I just bounced up the rock pulling Momma with me. She was shocked and said that I had to be at least half mountain goat to achieve what I just did. In response, I smiled at her. Hopping is one of my specialties. I even guiding her to a safe path down the other side. Who says I couldn't have been a good Guide Dog? *wags tail*
Me standing on the big rock
Momma thought it would be nice to put my ambassador scarf while standing on the big rock.
Eventually, Momma and Austin took off their shoes and wanted to stick their feet in the water. I indulged this ridiculous notiont that getting your feet wet is fun for a little. Ok, if I'm is started to seem less and less ridiculous now. But I still do not understand putting your whole body in the water. The walked around a little more and took a lot of pictures and switched turns being in the kayak.
Me sitting on the lake's beach with my ambassador scarf
It was super hot at this time so my tongue is hanging out extra long
I did decide to dip my feet in the water for a little while
Me sitting off from the water while Momma was still in the water
By this point it was pretty hot, so we decided to go back and climb the big rock again to head back to the car. We just hung out in the side next to the car for a while eating snacks and having something to drink. Well, they hung out and ate snacks. I took a big drink of water a promptly took a nap in the back seat of the car.

Then it was time to go home. We decided to chill out at Austin's house for a while before heading home since we were still pretty hot from the lake. But it was a really, really fun day!

Love and Lab Kisses,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dog Beach

Well, Momma left about a week ago. I've been a little too sad to post anything up. I miss her, but I'm going back to work now after my month of being off. Arwen told me that Momma used to go away for the whole summer and was back during the school year. I wish it was that way now. I know she comes back, but it feels like fur-ever before I see her again.
But, that's enough of the sad stuff. She sends me love and cuddles everyday, so I know she has not fur-gotten about me. Plus, you guys probably don't wanna hear me mope. You all wanna hear about what a fun summer I had. I'm hoping to post once a week. Hopefully it will work, but sometimes my "grandparents" need their computers.

Today I'm going to tell you all about my first time at an off leash dog beach! It was a lot like the dog park only bigger. Much, much bigger! I was so excited when we first got there that I ran the FULL length of the dog beach. I think Momma was a little worried that I would keep running and wouldn't come back, but she is silly like that sometimes. I stayed inside the boundaries like a good dog and came back to check in with Momma often. After a while she went to go sit with Grandma and Boo and just watched me play. I guess that means that I did good!
Me standing in front of the waves...but never in them!

Then I decided that it was time to get a little dirty. And what better way to do that than to roll in the sand. Momma was laughing so hard that she didn't get a picture of me, but she says that I put my head to the ground and almost "bulldozed" my way through the sand. Then I would roll back and forth and got my whole back covered in the stuff. Hey, if Momma can use it to ex-foli-ate her skin than so can I. What Momma did get a picture of was the after effect. I was super sandy for a couple of days.
A close up of my face. There is sand all over my nose and tongue and around my eyes.
One thing I do NOT fully understand. Did you guys know that some of the dogs there were getting into the water. I mean...they were SOAKING WET from head to tail. I just do not get how anydog would want to get into that cold, wet stuff unless it was for some good reason. And I definitely do not get how they actually think it's FUN. So when the other dogs chased their toys into the water to bring them back to their Mommas and Daddies (something I didn't fully understand until Momma got me this special toy and now I'm beginning to understand it more and more) I would have to wait until they got that darn ball and came out of the water to continue playing. Even Momma seemed to think that I should think getting wet is fun. So, I humored her and when she walked out into the ocean I followed her.

I did find a few other dogs who shared my views that water is to bathed in and not to play in. One of them was a handsome, long coated Collie. He reminded me a lot of my pal Kobe...except Kobe is like Arwen and is kinda grumbley sometimes. This Collie played a lot and he REALLY, REALLY liked me. I had to tell him that Momma doesn't allow me to date. But he was cool with that and we still got to be friends.
Me and my Collie friend running on the beach.
Me jumping my new Collie friend. I'm a jumper.
A line of three us going from smallest to biggest from right to left. I'm in the middle

We stayed at the beach for about 4 hours before we left to go home. Boo, my grandma's little poodle, did a little running around. But not much. He's also kinda grumbley. All in all I had a really, really fun time at the off leash dog beach. I hope me and Momma get to go more often next summer. *wags tail*

Another picture of me standing on the beach.
Me and my momma on the beach.
Me playing with a friend. She played that "fetch" game so I just chased her when she chased the ball. My momma says that at least she'll never have to worry about me being a ball thief at the park.

Hopefully I'll be back next week with some more adventures.

Love and Lab Kisses,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

More posts to come about my recent adventures. For now, enjoy this picture.

Me standing on a rock at the lake

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Peanut Butter Treats!

Today, Momma decided that it was pretty hot outside and that us doggies had been pretty good and deserved a treat. So, she started to make some frozen peanut butter and yogurt treats. It's pretty simple. She just took the rest of the jar of peanut butter and warmed it up then mixed it with some fat free yogurt (girl has to watch her figure). She then added some hot water to thin it out a little and finally spooned into some fun shaped ice cube trays. They are freezing right now, but of course there was a dirty bowl and spoon to clean. Guess who got to do the preliminary cleaning of the bowl. *wags tail* It was soooo yummy! I can't wait for my popsicles!

Love and Lab Kisses,

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Week with Momma

This past week with Momma being home has been so much fun! I haven't been able to do much in the way of "Pet Ambassador" business, but that's alright. Momma did say that I would get to do some work while she was here.
So far we've taken long walks every morning, I've slept either by her bed or on her bed every night, and have gone to the dog park (but there were no friends there!). But, by far my favourite thing that has happened so far is that my little niece Fienna came over for a couple of hours. She has so much energy! Momma says that I had all that energy at one time, but I dont' believe it. Her favorite game was "Auntie Hilly is a Chew Toy." She would chew all over me! Then when we started to play she would tackle me and hop around just like I would. Momma kept giggling because Fienna reminds her a lot of me. After she left Momma told me how good I was because I was so patient with Fienna.
Fienna with her puppy coat on lying in front of me while I am sitting with my Pet Ambassador scarf
Fienna looking up at me while she is lying in front of me.
Fienna and me sitting in the back yard.
Right now, we're in LA. We had to drive FOREVER to get here. And it was soooo hot that we really couldn't stop for more than a couple of minutes to walk around. I definitely think taking the train was more fun than driving because I could walk around. But I guess I'm not allowed on trains anymore. Ah well, I'm having fun anyway. There's a new kitten here who loves my chew my tail and feet (again, Momma says that I'm being so patient with the little thing) and a crotchety old dog who doesn't like to play. The kitty is fun, but the old dog isn't. But, at least while I am here we are going to the beach. This will be my first time to an off leash dog beach. I'm getting really excited!!!

Also, she says on the last day she's in town she's got a BIG surprise for me. I keep trying to guess what it is. Maybe it's a really tasty treat. *wags tail*

Love and Lab Kisses,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not Long Now

Momma comes home in just nine more days!!!! I've been getting ready for her visit. I got my yearly check up at Dr. Ramona's and I'm planning on getting myself and Arwen and Rosie to the groomers before she gets here so we can all smell and feel pretty. I don't like smelling like a flower, but for Momma I'll do anything! She's told me that she has some presents for Arwen, Rosie, and myself, but we'll only get them if we've all been good. Arwen doesn't have to try to be good, she just is, but Rosie and I have been trying extra hard not to get into any trouble.

Momma's been giving me a heads up of what we're going to do while she's here. First, my niece FIENNA is coming to visit for an hour or two a few days after Momma gets back. I've been told that I have to be on my best behaviour when Fienna is over.

After that Momma is going away for the weekend! I wasn't too happy that she was going to be gone so soon after she got back, but she said that she had to visit someone since they couldn't be home this summer. She did promise to bring me back something from...Philadelphia I think she called it. I bet you anything she is going to bring me back some cream cheese!

After she gets back there is a puppy meeting, but she says I can't go. *sad puppy dog eyes* I guess it's at the bowling alley and I gave up my access privileges when I decided to not become a Guide Dog but still! I wish I could go...maybe I'll talk to Auntie Mary.

Then we are going to visit my other grandparents in Los Angeles. Momma says that there are two new friends for me to play with now! A poodle named BOO and a kitty cat named CURLEY. *happy puppy ears* I'm so excited, but Momma says that Boo probably won't want to play as much as Curley wants to, but maybe my girlish charm will get him to play.

Then the next weekend is Fun Day. Now, I'm not allowed at Fun Day anymore since they ask for Career Changes to stay at home (something about it being a really big event). But she said that I will have a puppy friend for the Thursday evening before she leaves for the weekend. I don't know much about this friend, but Momma says that she and I will probably get along really well!

I don't know when, but she also says that my first Mommy is probably going to come and visit! I'll get to show her all of my new tricks and maybe go and play at the park with her. It'll be super fun if she comes to visit and I hope they can work it out!

We might also go camping! Or to the beach! So much to do in such little time!

Mostly though, Momma says that we'll be taking early morning walks, hanging out at home and in pet friendly institutions, going to the dog park (at least every other day she says!), and doing some training. I'm pretty excited about getting to strut my stuff as a Pet Ambassador this summer!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Big News

I know that I haven't been posting as much as I should, but I've been super busy being a dog lately. Now, my grandparents are out of town and I've been able to sneak onto the computer to use the internet. And now I have some very exciting news!

First, my momma is coming home for a whole month! She'll be arriving on the second of July and staying until almost the very end! She said that she would take me to every puppy meeting that she could and that we would go on long walks every day and that we might even go camping. But none of that will take up any of our TV and cuddle time. I'll really get to strut my stuff as a GDB Pet Ambassador!

The second piece of news is about one of my nieces. Remember me telling you that it was very unlikely that one of them would come to my puppy group or that I would even get to meet one of my nieces and nephews? Well, I was very wrong! Little FIENNA came to my group the other week! She was specially chosen for her super sweet temperament. *grin* I haven't gotten to meet her yet, but Momma said that she'd try and see if she could puppy sit her for a day so that we can play and I can teach her how to be a good puppy just like me...well, with less distractions. Haha!

I'm waiting eagerly for Momma to come home.

Love and Lab Kisses,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Nieces and Nephews

Hestia snuggling with one of her babies.
 I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've just been so...well, ok I haven't been all that busy. But I have been going to the church with my Grandma Marion whenever I can. My Granddaddy Don says that I'm so good. He came into the office the other day and I didn't move a muscle because I knew I was working. I did get a little excited to see him when we were standing in the actual church, but everyone thought I was cute, so that's ok.

One of Hestia's babies. A little black lab with a white stripe on its chest.
I thought I would give you all an update on my nieces and nephews as well as some pictures (none of which are mine but were all taken by Hestia's momma). They've all gone from the GDB kennels and off to their raising families. I'm still hoping to meet at least one of them, but Momma doesn't think I'll be able to go with her to Fun Day. We'll see though.

One of Hestia's babies at about 4 weeks old. One of her little, yellow labs.
Since they are all out to their raising families I can tell you all their names. Their names Franko, Farley, Fillmore, Finney, Fienna, Freesia, and Fuji. And there is one more, but I just can't remember the name. Some great names thought, from the ones I do remember. I suggested Fillmore and Fuji. Though, there was still a puppy in training named Filly so none of them could be named after me. Haha! I do wish them all the best of luck and I sure hope to all of them graduate one day. As for now my little ones, Auntie Hilly is always proud of you.

Anyway, I leave you with a picture of me laying on my Granddaddy's lap.

Me laying on a lap.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What I Want for My Birthday

Hey everyone! I've been giving it a lot of thought and I've finally decided what I want for my birthday. My momma has the new toys covered so I don't need those. This birthday present is something that all of you, my blogger friends, can help with.

I would absolutely love it if donations were given to Guide Dogs for the Blind in my name. It's really simple to do and it's completely tax deductible!

Here's what you do:

1. Go to the GDB donation page on their website (linked HERE)
2. Choose the "tribute gift" option
3. Once you're redirected to the next page tick the "this is a honor/memorial gift" box
4. You'll be asked to name the honoree; for that put either "CC Hilly's 2nd Birthday" or "Dylan/Aqua "H" Puppies' 2nd Birthday
4. Then fill in the rest of the information

Any amount helps GDB make the perfect match between blind/visually impaired person and dog. Let's flood GDB with honoree donations made out for my second birthday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

At Last!

I'm a proud Auntie of 8 nieces and nephews!!!!!
My sister Hestia with 6 of her newborn pups!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Halette, Hestia, and Me!

Wow! It's been a month since I last posted. Unfortunately, it's been he same old story here at home. I got to work with my Grandma three times a week and supervise her work and the other two days are my days off. I sit around the house and sleep. I like those days off, but I also really like going to work with my Grandma.

I have some more news on Hestia and Halette. Remember how Halette was suppose to graduate back in February? Well, something happened and she was taken out of class. I don't really know why, but she's still showing up on the phase reports which means that her perfect person is out there somewhere. I hope he or she gets to Guide Dogs soon. It looks like Halette is going to spend our birthday in the GDB kennels. At least she'll get to get out there an train.

And Hestia? Hestia is at Guide Dogs for her long stay. She's due to give birth to those puppies any day now! Look at how big she was on the day her Momma dropped her off at Guide Dogs. I hope those puppies get here soon. I really can't wait to meet them...if I get to meet them. 
Hestia looking all run down and HUGE! She's ready to pop those babies out!
 Oh! Also, this is a picture of Hestia on her new ramp. She got so big that she couldn't jump into the car anymore. Haha! If she's anything like me, not being able to hop would kill her. I'm sure she is ready to have her babies.
Hestia using her ramp to get into her car. She was 80lbs! That's huge for us tiny dogs.

That's all for now. I'm trying to think of a big birthday celebration post. I've been trying to think of what I want and I think I've almost decided. But I'll let you know closer to my birthday!

Love and Lab Kisses,

Friday, February 10, 2012

News of Halette and Hestia

I'm feeling really proud of my sisters right now! Wanna know why?

First off, my sister Halette is graduating as a Guide on February 18, 2012 for the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus in San Rafael, CA. Go Halette!!!! I knew her perfect person would find her soon. I'm so happy she'll be home for her birthday (which is also my birthday since we're sisters). I really, really wish I could go up to San Rafael and see her graduate, but I'm sure I'll get to see pictures. It's not as good, but it's also not too bad. I'll be cheering her on in spirit.

Halette is the last of our litter to graduate. That means that Halette and Hermes are Guides, Hestia is a Breeder, and Hana (medical), Hanalei (medical), Havasu (temperament), and myself (behavior issues) are all Career Changes. Not a bad litter if I do say so myself.

Now on to Hestia. Hestia had her ultrasound the other day. You know what it said? It said she's gonna have 5-6 puppies! I'm gonna be an aunt to 5 or 6 cutie pie puppies (well, they are related to me so they have to be cuties). I'm so excited! Maybe I'll even be able to name one of them. I think it would be cool if they were also "H" puppies and one of them was named "Hilly" after their coolest aunt!
A picture of Hestia's Ultrasound. It shows one of her puppies!
That's all the updates for now. Momma is trying to get my Grandma Amy to take me with her to a cabin for a weekend. She thinks I would have so much fun and I have to say, I don't disagree at all!

Love and Lab Kisses,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma

Yesterday was my Momma's Birthday! Hooray! I wish I could have given her her birthday kisses for real, but over the internet had to do yesterday.

For her birthday I got her the best present I could think of...well, besides me. I've been very, very good for the past couple of weeks. I got with my Grandma Marion to work about three times a week and am a very good supervisor. I've also resisted my chewing urge and have stopped eating things at home when I don't get to go to work. Momma says that I need to keep this up and it should be her present for the whole year. I'm going to try, but sometimes a Lab has to be a Lab right? But, staying strong so far.

I hope my Momma had a good day yesterday even though I couldn't be there with her.

Love and Lab Kisses to my Momma!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Gonna be an Auntie!

You guys remember my sister HESTIA right? Of course you do! Remember, I told you that she became and official Breeder for GDB.
Hestia in her Breeder scarf. Her Momma and my Momma say that we're almost twins!

 Well, Hestia had her first "date" the other week! Her "date" was with a lab named JOPLIN. My momma says that Joplin is a yellow lab so maybe I'll have some yellow nieces and/or nephews!
The Pregnany Brood Care sheet Hestia's Momma got back from GDB. It says the name of the daddy, when the puppies are due (12 March 2012), when Hestia needs to be back at GDB, and when she should get her ultrasound.
Momma and myself are really hoping that at least one of her puppies (and my nieces and/or nephews) makes their way to us. Or at least, near us. It would be great if someone in my puppy group got one of my nieces or nephews! I'm so excited!!!! The pups are due just eleven days before our second birthday. March is going to be such a great month!

I'll let you know how many pups we can expect as soon as possible. I hope March comes quickly!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

I know it's a little late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's!

My New Years was alright, but my Momma had gone home and then my grandparents left to go visit some friends. So, I spent a quiet new year's with Arwen and Rosie. I tried to stay up until midnight to see what all the fuss was about. Arwen says that there are lots of fireworks and other crazy things that she hates and goes nuts over. But I ended up falling asleep around ten and stayed asleep. I guess I'll have to try again next year. I don't mind fireworks really...I just don't understand them.

Anyway, hope you guys got to see the fireworks!

Love and Lab Kisses,