Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Gonna be an Auntie!

You guys remember my sister HESTIA right? Of course you do! Remember, I told you that she became and official Breeder for GDB.
Hestia in her Breeder scarf. Her Momma and my Momma say that we're almost twins!

 Well, Hestia had her first "date" the other week! Her "date" was with a lab named JOPLIN. My momma says that Joplin is a yellow lab so maybe I'll have some yellow nieces and/or nephews!
The Pregnany Brood Care sheet Hestia's Momma got back from GDB. It says the name of the daddy, when the puppies are due (12 March 2012), when Hestia needs to be back at GDB, and when she should get her ultrasound.
Momma and myself are really hoping that at least one of her puppies (and my nieces and/or nephews) makes their way to us. Or at least, near us. It would be great if someone in my puppy group got one of my nieces or nephews! I'm so excited!!!! The pups are due just eleven days before our second birthday. March is going to be such a great month!

I'll let you know how many pups we can expect as soon as possible. I hope March comes quickly!

1 comment:

  1. How exciting Hilly!
    I am scheduled to get a new puppy in the end of May. Maybe I will get one of Hestia's puppies!
    If they are anything like you and Hanalei they will be the best puppies ever!