Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma

Yesterday was my Momma's Birthday! Hooray! I wish I could have given her her birthday kisses for real, but over the internet had to do yesterday.

For her birthday I got her the best present I could think of...well, besides me. I've been very, very good for the past couple of weeks. I got with my Grandma Marion to work about three times a week and am a very good supervisor. I've also resisted my chewing urge and have stopped eating things at home when I don't get to go to work. Momma says that I need to keep this up and it should be her present for the whole year. I'm going to try, but sometimes a Lab has to be a Lab right? But, staying strong so far.

I hope my Momma had a good day yesterday even though I couldn't be there with her.

Love and Lab Kisses to my Momma!

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