Friday, July 13, 2012

A Week with Momma

This past week with Momma being home has been so much fun! I haven't been able to do much in the way of "Pet Ambassador" business, but that's alright. Momma did say that I would get to do some work while she was here.
So far we've taken long walks every morning, I've slept either by her bed or on her bed every night, and have gone to the dog park (but there were no friends there!). But, by far my favourite thing that has happened so far is that my little niece Fienna came over for a couple of hours. She has so much energy! Momma says that I had all that energy at one time, but I dont' believe it. Her favorite game was "Auntie Hilly is a Chew Toy." She would chew all over me! Then when we started to play she would tackle me and hop around just like I would. Momma kept giggling because Fienna reminds her a lot of me. After she left Momma told me how good I was because I was so patient with Fienna.
Fienna with her puppy coat on lying in front of me while I am sitting with my Pet Ambassador scarf
Fienna looking up at me while she is lying in front of me.
Fienna and me sitting in the back yard.
Right now, we're in LA. We had to drive FOREVER to get here. And it was soooo hot that we really couldn't stop for more than a couple of minutes to walk around. I definitely think taking the train was more fun than driving because I could walk around. But I guess I'm not allowed on trains anymore. Ah well, I'm having fun anyway. There's a new kitten here who loves my chew my tail and feet (again, Momma says that I'm being so patient with the little thing) and a crotchety old dog who doesn't like to play. The kitty is fun, but the old dog isn't. But, at least while I am here we are going to the beach. This will be my first time to an off leash dog beach. I'm getting really excited!!!

Also, she says on the last day she's in town she's got a BIG surprise for me. I keep trying to guess what it is. Maybe it's a really tasty treat. *wags tail*

Love and Lab Kisses,

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