Friday, February 10, 2012

News of Halette and Hestia

I'm feeling really proud of my sisters right now! Wanna know why?

First off, my sister Halette is graduating as a Guide on February 18, 2012 for the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus in San Rafael, CA. Go Halette!!!! I knew her perfect person would find her soon. I'm so happy she'll be home for her birthday (which is also my birthday since we're sisters). I really, really wish I could go up to San Rafael and see her graduate, but I'm sure I'll get to see pictures. It's not as good, but it's also not too bad. I'll be cheering her on in spirit.

Halette is the last of our litter to graduate. That means that Halette and Hermes are Guides, Hestia is a Breeder, and Hana (medical), Hanalei (medical), Havasu (temperament), and myself (behavior issues) are all Career Changes. Not a bad litter if I do say so myself.

Now on to Hestia. Hestia had her ultrasound the other day. You know what it said? It said she's gonna have 5-6 puppies! I'm gonna be an aunt to 5 or 6 cutie pie puppies (well, they are related to me so they have to be cuties). I'm so excited! Maybe I'll even be able to name one of them. I think it would be cool if they were also "H" puppies and one of them was named "Hilly" after their coolest aunt!
A picture of Hestia's Ultrasound. It shows one of her puppies!
That's all the updates for now. Momma is trying to get my Grandma Amy to take me with her to a cabin for a weekend. She thinks I would have so much fun and I have to say, I don't disagree at all!

Love and Lab Kisses,

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