Sunday, August 28, 2011

Left Alone

You won't believe what happened yesterday! Momma left really early in the morning and didn't get home until real late at night...and she DIDN'T TAKE ME!

That's right! She left me home alone all day long! Alright, I wasn't alone. Arwen and Rosie and Momma's parents were home with me, but still! She didn't take me. Then she came home smelling like a bunch of other dogs. I was so worried that she found a new dog to love and take care of, but she's being with me all day today so I'm pretty sure that that's not what happened. But one of the smells I smelled smelled a lot like one of the dog smells on my bed!

She told me that I had to get use to being with my "grandparents" because she's going to her Advanced Training! What!? No one told me that I wouldn't be going WITH my momma. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when she's gone. She says that she'll be back, but still! Do you think I could fit inside her suitcase?

Love and Lab Kisses,

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