Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Dog Park Experience

Yesterday I said that I loved the dog park even though I had never been there. Well, Momma took me and Arwen and Rosie this morning! Let me tell you, I do LOVE the dog park. I was in doggie heaven. There were so many doggie pals to play with and I tried to play with every single one of them. There were doodles and goldens and other labs and an Australian Shepherd that was really silly.

We had such a great time! We're all so tired so I think I'm just going to leave you guys with some pictures while I continue my nap.   
Me with my tongue hanging out standing next to Arwen.
Rosie and I go and sniff and explore the dog park.
Rosie and me in a dog pile!
My tongue was hanging out so long because I ran and ran and ran.
Rosie and I go say to another doodle.
Love and Lab Kisses,

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