Friday, August 26, 2011

Laying on the Couch

Hilly here! I'm just laying on the couch with Momma. I've gotta tell you, I really like laying on the couch but sometimes it's really hard work. You gotta know when it's ok to jump up on the couch and when it's not. Like last night.

Last night Momma had some of her friends over for a party. I really liked having everyone come over especially now that I'm a "career changed" puppy. I got so excited because everyone was petting me and telling me what a good girl I was and how great it was that I could just be a pet now. They were letting me jump and lick and sniff and run around and they all thought this was really cute. So, I decided that I would do something really, really cute. There were three people on the couch and I thought they would like a little BLAB to lay on all three of them at once. Sounds reasonable and really cute right? Well, Momma didn't think so. She told me that it wasn't polite to get up on people's laps without asking permission first. I don't quite understand this because she thought it was adorable when I climbed into her lap yesterday before the party. Needless to say the party meant that the Hilly couldn't get up on the couch last night. I had to sleep on the rug near the back door. *humph*

Momma also didn't seem to like it when I jumped up on the couch right onto her laptop. The laptop is ok, but Momma and I had a talk. She said that I had to find an empty spot on the couch before I jump up.

There are so many rules to this couch! I didn't think that being a pet would mean that there would be so many rules, but it does. But I'm learning and trying really hard to be a good pet. It's a hard job ya know. It gets easier when I can cuddle with Momma on the couch while watching TV.
Me sitting on the couch with my giant rope toy. I like taking my toys up here to chew and play with them.
Love and Lab Kisses,

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  1. Hilly - I'm loving the couch life too! Blabulous!! And don't even get me started on how much fun it was to go to a big Foodie event tonight as a CC. This life ROCKS!!

    Wags, Dagan