Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Update

My sister Halette is still in the last phase of formal training. I hope she finds her special someone soon! My brother Hermes graduated on November 19!!! I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post the picture I found of Hermes and his new partner because it's copyrighted but you can just follow the link to the GDB flickr site! The first link goes straight to his picture and the second to the flickr site. You all should check out the great pictures there. There are pictures of my and my brother and sisters when we were little babies too!  

Also, because it seems that I get into a lot of trouble when my grandparents are away at work they and my momma have been talking about what to do. With all this talking my Grandma Marion decided to start taking me to work with her whenever she could. She took me for the first time on Monday and she said I did awesome! She said I was a born supervisor.

She said that I do have to stop pulling so much, but I can't help it. I'm just so excited about getting to go to work! I get to wear my ambassador scarf and everything.

Saying all of that, I still can't wait until Momma comes back for her winter break! Just 17 days left!

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