Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tricks #3,#4, and #5

I'm doing some more tricks for you guys today. The first one is called "Which One?" Momma says it's an extension of "Shake" and "High Five". All I know is that if I pick the right hand I get the treat! The second one is "Roll Over". I really, really like rolling over, but not as much I like playing dead! That is the best trick ever! Momma says "Bang! Dead Dog!" and I play dead until she says, "Come back to Life!" Unfortunately, I was just so excited to film these tricks for you that I just couldn't wait until she told me to come back to life, but you all know that I'm not really dead so she didn't think it mattered. She thinks this one will be a real big hit if we end up working with children in our future Therapy Work.

Momma is still trying to figure out how to film the other of my trick that involve her body. I'm thinking about creating a page about all my tricks, but it's still a work in progress right now.

Love and Lab Kisses,

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