Sunday, September 11, 2011

Momma's Formal Training

Hey all! I'm pretty sad at the moment. Why? Because my Momma left almost a week ago for her "formal training" (she calls it "Universe-ity". I don't know exactly what it means, but based on what she calls it I assume it has something to do with the universe...). It's ok though because my "grandparents" are taking care of me while I'm gone. They're ok, but definitely not a replacement for Momma. Mostly what I do all day is play with Rosie and curl up under my "grandpa's" feet when he's working at the computer. It's weird really. I'm not quite use to sleeping in their room yet. I've accidentally gone to Momma's room a few times and slept there.

It seems like she's been gone forever already, but she did say that she would bring me something back from Scotland! Maybe it'll be a cool looking dog bed or some Scottish treats. I wonder if Scottish dogs eat different things than we do?

Well, that's all for now. Just letting everyone know that I'm alive and well even if I do miss my Momma.

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